What is Hybrid Learning?

The project
Hybrid Learning's  model aims to hack traditional forms of learning in digital environments in order to reach more people. This model will provide people with higher quality skills, and it will involve more groups of people because it is a flexible model that adapts to everyone’s needs. Moreover, it will allow each participant to customize their learning experience.

Who is it for?
People, organizations, groups, institutions ... and all those who are interested in:
- Sharing knowledge openly.
- Acquiring the skills and abilities to access to new opportunities.
- Appling new models and new forms of granting knowledge acquired at digital environments.

Educational Model
Modular design
Internet offers multiple options to access to different learning experiences. In the same why that happens with digital music consumption (in which you can enjoy albums, individual songs or even components of those songs), on-line learning can allow participants to be trained in the skills that matter most for them, choosing exactly what it is relevant for them.

Learning on demand
Hybrid Learning  consists of different courses, thematic units and learning sequences. Participants can register at any of these levels to get the skills that they want with a flexible learning system which is customizable at all times. In all of these cases, badges will ensure the recognition of the knowledge acquired.

Accreditation based on badges
All the skills and competences acquired by participants will be accredited by Learning Openly badges, which have academic validity.
Technical model
- The entire system is web accessible.
- The speed of access is guaranteed.
- All servers are in the cloud, providing the service globally. The system can be installed without Internet access centers.

Who is behind  Hybrid Learning
The main driver is the "CyberSociety Observatory," an international organization that provides discussion on social aspects generated by digital technologies.

For more information: http://www.cibersociedad.net/hybrid-learning/

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